Monday, April 16, 2012

how to be a rich homeless intern in SF, research braindump

[Edit: 15 May 2012: I came to my senses and realized I don't actually want to be homeless this summer, and am now looking for an apartment next to a makerspace like a normal person.]

this post is a work in progress, last updated 18 April 2012.

well I'm working for fitbit (yay wireless shiny / internet of things)
and they gave me an offset for housing
but then I realized I'd much rather spend that offset on cool classes and project materials than housing

it's a no-brainer for me ^__^ if your brain is on a different frequency see:
Also, again, I would much rather dump 2k into a makerspace or some worthy cause rather then spend $2000 on something I will rarely use just to "fit in." I want to live and breathe making things. The second choice would be to find a [free] camp-able place near these spaces (dump the $2k into classes and materials), but I don't think I'm that hardcore yet. 
-- email I sent, date: Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 5:00 PM || subject: Re: Live-in makers' space in SF? Re: SF digs

-1. summary of findings

(you can also skip to the very bottom of this blog post to see my current plans)

From Nancy Ouyang on Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 4:07 AM
 I am looking for summer accommodations as well. I am able to afford a reasonable flatshare, and Ted and Guilia and I are looking for apartments (possibly not all of us together).
 Specifically, I myself would much prefer to pay for
[project storage + knowledge acquisition + tools access + after-work maker community]
[human storage].
Are there "art" or "maker" or "shop" spaces that would be okay with me crashing there for three months? I'm willing to pay as much as for a flatshare (3k or 4k over 12 weeks).
 I have ruled out American Steel Studios and the Crucible due to Oakland shootings hotspot research (they are not officially live-in either and thus likely are not lively after work hours). I believe Noisebridge does not welcome this, and have not yet called NIMBY. Obviously the Tech Shop is not an option.
 My requirements ("human-livable")
  • bathroom w/ running water within 1 minute walk
  • wifi
  • safe after 5pm
  • approximately zero inertia between waking up and making things (or at least talking to interesting people)
My preferences ("MITERS ... in San Francisco")
  • in San Francisco
  • has large mill, esp. cnc mill+lathe, welding, other heavy machinery, lasercutter awesome
  • community of people making things after 5pm
  • also has EE (high voltage community)
I am fine with making my own foldable bed or pile of blankets and paying for daily showers at a 24-hr gym or making a bucket shower garden or whatever if that's the optimal solution. Obviously, I have no problem falling asleep anywhere.
Now I will go into more detail.

Here is the progression of my summer plans

initial estimated search constraints

  • work (625 market street)
  • makerspace (unknown)
Therefore my initial step was

0. ask future work people & current maker friends about prototyping resources in San Francisco

after checking out the hackerspace listing of course.