Portfolio, updated Jan 2013

Injection Molded and Thermoformed Yoyo
2.008 Yoyo project (ongoing work in progress, Fall 2011)

Preliminary CAD design

Nyancat Paperweight
MasterCAM with EZTrak CNC Mill.

Summer 2011 Manufacturing Exercise (done for fun).
Based off of an existing design found online.

  • Frame welded together from 1'' and 1''x2'' square steel stock (MIG welding, horizontal bandsaw, milling out 1/2'' and 3/4'' holes with step drill)
  • Bolts and nuts from McMaster
  • 2x wheelchair motors (ebay)
  • Powered by A123 12V lead-acid replacements
  • Arduino used to process two foot pedal potentiometers and a switch for forwards/backwards (eventually will move to joystick + analog circuit)
  • 2x Victor motor controllers (PWM input)
  • FRC kill switch

In-progress at MITERS
First outside test, 8/23/11
@ NYC Maker Faire 2011.
Video taken by Shane Colton (yay thanks!).

Todo, 10/17/11:

  • replace wooden feet with tennis balls
  • make analog circuit / make enclosure for electronics
  • build motor controller (get rid of victors, overkill for my use)
  • Frame hand-cut out of ABS plastic (vertical bandsaw)
  • 18 servos, 6x VS-2 and  12x HTC-311s
  • Arduino nano as main processor (on 2.007 carrier board)
  • No sensors yet
Please mute sound if you watch this video -- lots of background noise.
Retroactive CAD in Solidworks.
Completed prototype, 
@ Cambridge Maker Faire 2011. Bottom-most is a small linkage-style hexapod prototype.

Todo, 10/17/11:

  • Write software for dancing
  • Laser-cut a new frame (acrylic or balsa wood) (Invest in newer, more powerful servos?)
  • Add sensors
Laser-cut Clock Face
Cut from 3 sheets of acrylic on the lasercutter, glued together with careful application around the edges of contact cement.