Wednesday, February 15, 2012

21w.789 lecture two notes

Ways we screwed up: 
Didn't agree on research questions beforehand so when we talked to people in parallel fashion, we explored different topics (yay data that's hard to affinity group), e.g. one of us talked to people about how they share projects, and someone else did how people who use location services, and someone else asked specifically about a keyholding (indicating when rooms useful to multiple people, that only some people have open/close access to, are open) app

I wrote summaries of each of my question instead of interesting quotes

MITERS survey summary 
(talked to four people over an hour)
(# of people)

Monday, February 13, 2012

diy nanofabrication class (nanomaker)

well, there is a long gap in my blogging
but to get back into the flow of microblogging / blogging everything, here is a screenshot of our first day slides from nanomaker, a class targeting underclassmen which I am randomly joining in as a junior.

Our first lab for this week is a CD spectrophotometer:

And we're supposed to go through the intro to MATLAB: