Monday, February 13, 2012

diy nanofabrication class (nanomaker)

well, there is a long gap in my blogging
but to get back into the flow of microblogging / blogging everything, here is a screenshot of our first day slides from nanomaker, a class targeting underclassmen which I am randomly joining in as a junior.

Our first lab for this week is a CD spectrophotometer:

And we're supposed to go through the intro to MATLAB:


  1. Hey, do you know of any Nanomaker's in the Bay area? I'll be coordinating an OpenMake event for YoungMakers at Berkeley (or know anyone who could direct me in the right way)

    1. Hello! No, I don't know of any people who work in nanotechnology specifically, sorry. You can check out the hackerspaces wiki perhaps? Good luck!