Wednesday, April 10, 2013

projects-in-progress snapshot

  1. hexacon
    Hexapod conference funded by deFlorez humor fund! Been doing a lot of work refining the vision of the conference/convention and how to make it humorous and yet useful to attend at the same time.

    It will be like academic conference - hexapod dance off - giant hexapods - poster session and the humor will come out of the contrast.

  2. servo arm drawbot for starttroll project / graduation cap
    Delta robot face drawing:
    The lifecycle goes like this:
    - Pick a picture from the Android photo album
    - Run a Canny edge-finder on it to get to a black bitmap with white lines on the edges of the original picture. I used a splendid implementation by Tom Gibara- Run a vectoriser on that, to generate vectors along those lines. I couldn't find one I liked, so I write one, which was easier that I expected.
    - Simplify the vectors - discard very short vectors, and replace straightish bits with straight lines. The Arduino can only store 300 points, so we have a strong incentive to optimise the vectors to within an inch of their lives.
    - Package the vectors up and send them over Bluetooth to the Arduino
    - Wait for the drawing ! 
    For speed, I'm working with very low-resolution bitmaps - 128 pixels square by default.
    vectorizing linked to in Sketchy\src\com\jarkman\sketchy\
    Actual vectoriser code used in sketchy is in TODO: read over and understand this code.

    canny edge detection implementation in processing
  3. scooter: CAD and order parts. have: shady chinese ebay controller, melon motor, brakes. need: battery pack, trigger, front lights
  4. POV yoyo: 
    1. 3d print prototype, etch out circuitboard and populate, begin programming anew
    2. CAD and masterCAM the injection-molded yoyo files
    3. spec out parts list cost for 50
  5. EL wire choreography arts proposal: only missing a budget
  6. MITERS door open trigger: awaiting parts from atw
    • post MITERS flyers in pappalardo!
  7. jewelry
  8. pika housing application
    • perhaps visit pika for dinner
  9. documentary
  10. feelers about filming (hey, 10k is enough to sustain my startproject for a while... apparently it is good publicity too)
  11. hexapod
    give it an new body, make it dance, ...
    hexarideablepod is on permanent hiatus (how to dispose of it? I need to fix it up a bit before disposing of it, I feel)
  12. 2.007
    document hall sensor with circuit picture
    lasercutter pdf
    intro to arduino pdf (where to find resources)

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