Saturday, November 26, 2011

PoV Yoyo, charlieplex+pov (attiny45, 6 LEDs/3 pins) research

[edit, 6 dec 2011, see update for semi-working-ness:]
board layout

mmm, fab'd a terribly board together for persistence of vision yoyo so now I can start on code.

charlieplex and basic hello world rgb led, c, attiny44 and 45 respectively

C cheat sheet

eagle brd and sch on github

charlieplexing with arduino libraries

hello world

olopede code (not charlieplexed)

tom's nanopov code (charlieplexed, in assembly)

ladyada code

gui gode, attin2313, has gui

assembly: avr instruction sets

led documentation

mmm instructables (attiny85, charlieplexing)

my own notes on make commands

real time clocks (for hat alarm clock)

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